Invermere Pest Control

Cranbrook Pest Control has you covered for all your home and business pest control needs throughout the Columbia Valley, including Invermere, Radium, Fairmont and Canal Flats. We are licensed in the removal of bed bugs, carpenter ants, rodents, and wasps, hornets and bees, in addition to general insect control.

Using thermal technology, we find critters and determine points of entry to protect your home of business. Our Home Protection Plan focuses on targeting infestations, preventing future problem areas and monitoring your home.

Whether the pests are already a problem or you want to prevent an infestation, we offer the most comprehensive pest control in Radium and pest control in Invermere. Contact us to get started, we are available 24/7!

Pest Control Services

What You Can Expect

When you hire Invermere Pest Control, our expert technicians will first assess the situation. Then, they will explain the scope of infestation and make a recommendation for the most effective process to solve the problem and eliminate the pests.