Pest Control Services

Bed Bug Control

Invermere Pest Control can help control bed bugs before they become a serious problem. Our qualified technicians will inspect your establishment to identify the infested areas. We will help you understand the problem and will work to safely remove the bed bugs from your home.

Carpenter Ant Control

Invermere Pest Control will remove carpenter ant infestations by focusing on the interior and exterior of the building. Our technicians will inspect the building to determine where carpenter ants have entered and locate any nests. We will treat the areas outside your building as well, because that’s where carpenter ants often originate and travel to and from a building.

General Insect Control

No insect is too big or small for Invermere Pest Control. We offer services to control spiders, beetles and a wide-range of other pests inside or outside your building. We can protect your building from future infestations and customize solutions for your specific needs.

Rodent Control

Whether your pest is a pack rat, mouse, skunk or squirrel, Invermere Pest Control can help. We will inspect the building for rodents’ points of entry—a key factor in elimination. Then, our technicians will place strategic rodent control devices to eliminate rodents inside and establish controls to prevent outside entry.

Invermere Pest Control offers long-term rodent control services on a monthly, quarterly and bi-annual basis. We also sell state-of-the-art professional rodent control products.

Wasp, Hornet and Bee Control

Invermere Pest Control will identify nests and apply a pesticide to kill insects at all stages inside the nest. If possible, the technician will remove the nest to prevent the return of insects that may be out of the nest during treatment.

Clean-Outs and Exclusions

Invermere Pest Control can clean out your building to ensure it’s free of rodent droppings, bat guano and other bacteria pests leave behind. Our technicians use safe measures adhering to WCB standards to ensure the building is free of medical or biological hazards.

We also conduct exclusions to eliminate the points of entry for insects and rodents. Our technicians seal up your building for a long-term solution.

Commercial/Industrial Pest Management

Invermere Pest Control can serve large structure buildings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, restaurants, bars and hotels for long-term pest management.

Our technicians are experts in washroom care, which includes air fresheners and urinal care that can be customized to fit each client’s individual needs. Our flexible programs can be customized to suit your individual needs.

Home Protection Program

Invermere Pest Control offers a comprehensive home protection program that focuses on interior and exterior parts of your home—including the perimeter and outlying areas. Our technicians inspect the area and create a three-step program to solve the pest control issue.

Step 1: Target areas of the infestation and determine which pest control materials will be most effective. We typically use granules, dust, liquids and gels, but the material will depend on the type of pest and severity of the infestation.

Step 2: Target exterior areas where future infestations are likely to occur. Then, we will apply pest control materials to identified hot spots and along the perimeter and outlying areas of the home. To provide long-term control, we use exclusion techniques to seal pest entryways.

Step 3: Regular monitoring of your home based on your pest control needs. Our professionals will visit periodically and apply exterior treatments as needed. Since this service is performed outdoors, you won’t be required to change your schedule.

Infrared Thermal Inspection

Prevent Pests

With an infrared thermography inspection, our technicians can see and measure the heat energy emitted by walls, ceilings and foundations. The thermal images (called thermograms) can identify a wide variety of problems that may not be visible to the naked eye. Damaged insulation, water intrusion and pest activity all produce different heat signatures and can be identified in the thermal images.

Invermere Pest Control uses infrared thermal technology to find critters in walls and ceilings, determine pests’ points of entry, and to detect moisture, air leakage and other problems that may attract unwanted insects and rodents.

For example, this image shows a heat signature in a wall cavity that revealed where wasps had been creating a nest. With this information, we were able to pinpoint the location for treatment without cutting a hole in the wall. A simple, small hole drilled into the wall cavity and product introduced via injection method is all that was needed to render the nest inactive.


Protect Your Home

An infrared thermal inspection also will determine how well your home is insulated and will pinpoint the trouble areas that may need further attention. Finding issues in a structure can save homeowners money in cooling and heating costs and ensure insulation was installed properly.

An inspection can reveal moisture intrusion that can lead to mould, hidden water damage, roof moisture, plumbing leaks, missing insulation, leaks in furnace and boiler venting, electrical hot spots, foundation cracks, radiant floor leaks, window and door seal issues—just to mention a few.

With thermal technology, Invermere Pest Control technicians can easily diagnose problems without having to second guess what the problem may be. This photo shows there are points of entry for pests such as cluster flies and bats. The photo also indicates serious issues with the insulation in the attic, which will result in the loss of tremendous amounts of heat, leading to high energy bills.


In this photo, the entryway clearly shows that the seals around the door are in poor condition and in need of replacement. The energy savings that result from solving the problem will more than pay for the infrared inspection.

With a full infrared inspection, Invermere Pest Control will provide you with a complete report, including detailed photos, of all the issues found.



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